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Products for developers and sponsors

Learn how to find new prospects and turn them into repeat investors in your deals.

The Complete Investor Acquisition System

In this course you are going to learn how to raise as much capital as you need from investors inside your own existing network as well as by attracting new investors so you can let your fund raising work on autopilot while you focus on finding and investing in great deals.

$5,667 USD

Avatar: How to Identify Your Ideal Investor

In this course you’re going to learn why you need to have an ‘avatar’ for your ideal investor and are going to work through what you need to do to successfully identify your ideal investor so you can raise capital even more successfully.

$297 USD

How to Turn Prospects Into Investors - without ever taking a meeting

In this course you’re going to be learning how to tell your own personal real estate story without ever having to meet a prospect (in-person or online) and how to express that in a coherent, persuasive manner that addresses every question an investor is going to have, before they even ask it.

$997 USD

Branding Mastery

In this course you are going to be taking a look at how you look!  It’s all about aesthetics and consistency in this course, and you are going to be going through a series of content development concepts that will serve as an introduction to you and to your value proposition.

$297 USD

The Real Estate Pitch Deck Machine

In this course you are going to learn how to create amazing content without having to write a single word.  You’re going to go through how to actually create the content you’re going to be getting up online in three basic formats; written, video, and audio.

$997 USD

The Auto-Email Investor Communicaton System

In this course on automating your emailing systems, you are getting the engine that will drive the bulk of your prospect and investor communications, nurturing them to becoming repeat investors for your projects.

$497 USD

How to Optimize LinkedIn to Find Investors

Probably the highest value digital real estate you can own FOR FREE is your LinkedIn profile and this course is going to show you exactly how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can attract more prospects, perfect your deal pitch, and convert more high net-worth LinkedIn users into big ticket repeat investors in your deals.

$297 USD

Using Twitter to Expand Your Network and Find Investors

This course will show you how to create an irresistible drumbeat of high value information to attract prospects, bring them into your network, convert them into high-dollar investors, and to do-it all on Twitter.

$297 USD

The Social Media Posting Automation Machine

This course on social media automation is by far to one of the most exciting parts of your digital marketing process because it makes everything so EASY! No matter how overwhelmed you may feel by the prospect of actually having to post and monitor what's going on your social media sites, you are going to love this course.

$297 USD


Whiteboard Workshop

Need More Money to Finance Your Real Estate Projects?

Real Estate Syndication Best Practices

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