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Learn how you can put your online capital raising efforts on autopilot so you can focus on finding the deals and executing on your business plans. Learn how in the white board workshop here.

If you are an investor, please feel free to ask for further information regarding any of the investor courses and if you have any questions about courses you are already taking.

Latest Book

Read my latest book, SYNDICATE, A Brand New Way to Finance Real Estate no matter how many investors you have or how many deals you've done before.

Includes FREE 72 minute personal training where Adam Gower walks you through the entire process for finding investors and financing your deals.

The Podcast

I produce a (nearly) weekly podcast, talking to the wizards of social media from around the world so you can apply their lessons to your own capital raising efforts.  Listen to the podcast here.

If you have a story to tell about your experiences either syndicating deals or investing in syndicated deals, and would like to be considered for the series, let me know.

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