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Here at GowerCrowd, we build digital marketing platforms for real estate sponsors so you can raise more money, from more people, in less time.

Learn exactly how we build these systems as I guide you through The Investor Acquisition System in enough detail you can build one yourself.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate used to be the exclusive domain of small wealthy groups conducting business behind closed doors, but now it is open for everyone.

In this special free training, you'll learn:

  • What crowdfunding means in real estate.
  • How you can make money from real estate crowdfunding.
  • How real estate crowdfunding works.
  • Is crowdfunding a safe investment?
  • The best real estate crowdfunding platforms.

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Latest Books

By Adam Gower

For Sponsors:



A Brand New Way to Finance Real Estate

If you'd like to raise as much money as you need for your real estate deals regardless of how many investors you currently have or if you have only raised capital from institutional investors before.

This is the definitive guide to online real estate syndication for raising equity capital.

For Investors:



The reality of distressed real estate

If you've been watching the commercial real estate market go into a tailspin in the last few months and would like to invest in some of the discounted deals you are reading about, then my new book will be the most important book you will read this year.

Learn how to profit from this downturn in a way you have never been able to before.

For Sponsors & Investors:

Real Estate Syndication 2.0

A guide to thriving during the coming real estate crash for real estate syndicators and their investors.

Advanced education with extensive FREE training from some of the top seasoned, multi-cycle investors in the industry.

Meet Adam Gower

Combining decades-long experience in real estate investment and finance with his industry-leading digital marketing expertise, Adam Gower provides developers the tools they need to raise unlimited capital online. He is the creator of the only accredited investor-oriented training programs focused exclusively on passive investing in real estate syndicates for wealth and income.

Dr. Gower publishes the only news and education blog in the industry focused exclusively on real estate syndication. Adam Gower is the most sought after real estate crowdfunding expert in the world today.