Tom Castelli, CPA, partner at Hall CPA

The short term rental loophole revealed

Tom Castelli, Hall CPA

What is the short-term rental loophole and how can investors benefit?

In this, the next in our continuing series on tax benefits for real estate investors, guest Tom Castelli, CPA, partner at Hall CPA, explains the short term rental (STR) loophole and explains in detail how investors can leverage the rule to get advantageous tax treatments.

What makes the STR rule so interesting is the ability to use cost segregation studies to get bonus depreciation creating paper losses that can offset other taxable income. It's a potent strategy that, when wielded correctly, can lead to substantial tax savings but it is not without its nuances, as you might expect, or its complications – all of which are explained in this episode.

For example, record keeping is a consistent theme with these real estate related tax incentives, and Tom underscores the importance of maintaining detailed records to substantiate one's active involvement in property management, a critical defense should the IRS come knocking.

If you are interested in learning more about the potential of STRs and want to learn more about how you can leverage investing in them to reduce you tax burden, this conversation provides a detailed guide. Tom doesn't just present the STR loophole; he offers a blueprint for real estate investors seeking to optimize their passive income using this corner of the Code.

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