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Real Estate Syndication Online is No Longer Optional

It's a Minimum Mandatory Requirement

See the entire Investor Acquisition System so you can raise capital online. 

What's Included with the White Board Workshop?

There are many ways to raise capital, but only one way to do it properly in the digital age.  In this exclusive training you will learn the exact system used by best of class sponsors and syndication websites.  For example...

Social Media

Harness the raw power of the greatest communications systems ever developed to provide access to investors when they way, how they want, and in what format they want.



Content Compounding

Discover how to create thought leadership content to nurture and build your investor network by doing nothing more than you are doing already.

Find New Investors

Guide your prospects on a journey from the initial digital handshake to the sign-and-wire when they invest in your deal.

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Take an in-depth look at best practices for raising capital online for you real estate projects and how you can syndicate your deals online.

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