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Podcast Episode 300: Series Introduction with Adam Gower Ph.D.,

The Real Estate Crowdfunding Show, Syndication in the Digital Age


Everything you need to know about raising capital for your real estate projects online from the WIZARDS of the online digital marketing world.

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Real Estate Syndication Online

The 3 Pillars

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Connecting the dots between real estate finance and social media

How to create content

The power of digital distribution

Why communication online means following up 

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Episode Transcript

300 Intro to Series III Full.mp3 (transcribed by Sonix)

Adam Gower: Hi there. My name is Adam Gower. And thanks so much for joining me today. And congratulations for your decision to investigate further how you can raise money for your real estate deals online using social media and state of the art digital marketing, which is, by lucky coincidence exactly what this new podcast series is going to be covering.

Adam Gower: My background is as a real estate investment and development professional. I've been doing that for the last gosh almost 40 years extraordinary to think about how long it's actually been. In the last four or five years I have been specializing in digital marketing and social media for real estate developers and for real estate investors. I started a podcast series a couple of years ago that during which I interviewed in the first series I interviewed professors who were presenting the academic perspective of real estate development and of matters interesting to real estate investors.

Adam Gower: In the second series, I started to talk to the leaders of the real estate crowdfunding industry and as you know this is an absolutely brand new field. The regulations or the laws were changed in 2012 under the JOBS Act and became law actually they were promulgated the laws were promulgated a couple years later so this is really a absolutely brand new industry where you can raise money online without having to have had a pre-existing relationship with an investor.

Adam Gower: Now through the second series where I spoke to the really the leaders of this new crowdfunding industry all the founders and CEOs of the major crowdfunding platforms some sponsors and other experts in the real estate crowdfunding ecosystem.

Adam Gower: Having done that I started to understand that there was a fundamental backbone to success raising capital online and that that backbone was of course digital marketing and the effective use of social media.

Adam Gower: And there are three core pillars of online digital marketing. If you can have a core pillar suppose it's a key pillar to digital marketing.

Adam Gower: The three pillars are content production, distribution and communication. And these three pillars serve to do one thing. They synthesize the in-person relationship development that you are used to when you raise capital with an online relationship development process.

Adam Gower: Now in a moment I'm going to explain to you exactly how these three pillars work but first be sure to go to hit the insights button top right on the menu bar and then navigate to podcasts where I have included an advanced training that gets into considerable detail these three core pillars to raising capital online.

Adam Gower: It's completely free. There's no sign up for that. Just go ahead and watch that and then if you think that's of use then also sign up for my regular newsletter through which I will be distributing the highlights from this podcast series. So although you can listen to the entire podcast I'm also going to be distilling them down so you can get to the meat of the subject very very quickly. All right. So that's Go to the insights tab top right navigate to podcasts and you'll find a bunch of resources there so you can begin or continue to improve your capital raising online.

Adam Gower: All right. So moving on now to the three pillars of successful social media marketing in order to raise money online so that you can also start to finance deals using state of the art digital marketing and social media marketing. First of all we're actually remember there are three pillars, content distribution and communication. All right. So content is basically your messaging and your positioning. It's exactly what you have at your fingertips and in your head already. Right. And one way to extract from that corpus of intelligence that you already have about your own deals and the way that you see real estate developments and your philosophy to investment is to take a look at actually literally go and grab one of your PPMs or offering memorandum or in your head you probably got a bunch of FAQs right questions that investors have been asking you over the years again and again and again and break those down into the component parts.

Adam Gower: So scan through those and grab the key terms that are unique to real estate and that becomes a kind of fragmented breakdown of all your knowledge and understanding of real estate. And it's really not that difficult to create online digital content. You can actually use. Let's see I've got a can actually use your phone to record audio you can record video you can have it transcribed really easily. There are all kinds of platforms where you can have it automatically transcribed and then edit it in order to create thought leadership pieces.

Adam Gower: All right so that's the content component.

Adam Gower: The second pillar of success for online marketing to raise capital for your deals is distribution. Distribution is conducted these days through social media platforms primarily. And the key ones for real estate capital formation are going to be LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram and YouTube. Did you know that YouTube was actually the second largest search engine only to Google its really incredible resource for you.

Adam Gower: And what makes these platforms particularly extraordinary is number one, there have been gazillions invested in making them the most efficient tools for distributing content in the history of mankind. Number two for you they are completely free. These are free resources that they have your name on them right. You have the opportunity to advertise and to get your messaging out on all of these platforms to billions of people simultaneously. Once you put your content on these sites it lives there forever it becomes an asset to your company that is preaching your perspective and your philosophy to real estate constantly no matter what you're doing. Once it's up there it is an asset to your company. All right.

Adam Gower: The third key pillar is communication. And that's where you now combine your content with your distribution to it and combine it with automated email marketing systems and the utilization of sophisticated launch sequences. So the idea when you get your content up on the distribution channels every single piece of content must have a CTA a call to action.

Adam Gower: It's actually the exact same thing that you have and utilize already. Nothing has actually changed. It's just the way you do it that's changed.

Adam Gower: Every single time you're in a meeting with a prospective investor, you always follow up that meeting with some kind of follow up don't you. So you will say you will say Do you have any other introductions you can make for me or I'll send you the document or you're going to read the OM and get back to me with questions.

Adam Gower: In some way, every single meeting has a follow up. Well nothing has changed with the online digital marketing world in terms of the communication pillar. Every single piece of content that you have will have a call to action. You will ask whoever is reading your content or listening to your content to go ahead and follow up by clicking on a button either an invest now button or a read more button or sign up for a waitlist button whatever it happens to be you're going to have some kind of follow up and in fact you've already seen me do that when I suggest you go to and sign up for the newsletter so that you can get regular updates on what is working within social media for real estate sponsors. Again you're going to do exactly the same thing with investors as you come to meet them.

Adam Gower: So those are the three pillars content distribution and communication.

Adam Gower: And what these three pillars do when they come together is they create and build a relationship between you and your prospects and with in fact with your existing investors.

Adam Gower: They don't have the time and neither do you to sit down and talk to them for hours at a time constantly. There's just too many people and there's too little time for everybody. So what digital communication does is it facilitates that process. It is the exact same as you have always been doing except that it is in bite sized pieces right. Easily consumable pieces of information without you having to repeat it constantly and in a way that makes it easy for your prospects and for your investors to consume it in their own time.

Adam Gower: Now I have been building these systems these sophisticated content distribution and communication systems for sponsors but in order to reach the absolute pinnacle the best of class practices I've been searching for experts who can combine real estate intelligence or knowledge of real estate experience in real estate with marketing and bring these to digital marketing and bring these two things together. And yes there are truly world class experts who are adherents of pursuing one particular platform over another. They truly are masters of their chosen field. Be it Twitter Linked In Facebook Instagram or YouTube but and and each platform has its nuances so that they're not monolithic platforms. They each have to be dealt with with subtle differences and the true experts know exactly how to do that.

Adam Gower: But raising capital online for real estate projects is just not the same as selling widgets or selling consumer products. And what's vitally important is connecting the dots between those nuances and the power of communication via social media. Connecting those dots with real estate and what I've realized is that it is a super highly skilled talent that is very very rare actually.

Adam Gower: Why?

Adam Gower: Because it's never been allowed before you've just not been allowed to do it until now. Now you can do it. So in order to be successful you have to understand real estate development and finance which you do and you have to understand digital marketing right and you have to be able to weave these two things together. Right.

Adam Gower: So to be effective you have to weave the two and connect the dots between social media marketing and the knowledge and the insight that you already have to real estate development and finance.

Adam Gower: And what I realized after searching for these experts that could connect the dots was that really no one had figured it out yet right. Each person was passionate about their own individual platform the platform that they think is the only one that you need to know but no one had real estate or has real estate expertise as well.

Adam Gower: And because for my clients it's who I build these systems for. I want to be absolutely certain that they are getting the best of class world class social media expertise tied in and woven with deep real estate background and knowledge in how to raise capital.

Adam Gower: I decided that the best way to go about that was to contact the world's best social media experts. The world's top experts in digital marketing. And so one Monday morning. Back in just a couple of weeks ago I contacted I actually went online and I did some research world's best social media experts and I emailed 20 or so of them fully expecting no one would write back to me. And believe it or not by the end of the day twelve of them had actually written back and said yes we would love to be on the podcast but their pushback was that they knew nothing about raising capital online.

Adam Gower: Well you know what. No one does. That's what I said to them Look nobody knows this is blue ocean opportunities blue ocean opportunity for them it is blue ocean opportunity for you also to raise capital online. So what you're going to learn in this new series of podcasts as I uncover the best of class expertise in social media is how you can adapt it and these these techniques and some of the ideas and methodologies that are cutting edge that are working today. Remember these things change constantly. What you're going to learn is how to adapt this to raising capital for your deals online so you can watch the, you can listen to the podcast and listen to the whole podcast.

Adam Gower: So go ahead and subscribe at to listen to the podcast. I put those out in audio. I'm also going to be putting the podcasts out on YouTube so you can go ahead and watch them if you want to also. Plus if you sign up for my newsletter I will send you links to short clips from each one of these podcasts so you can watch or listen to some of the highlights from the conversations that I have with these industry experts so that you can also become a leader in the industry raising capital for your deals.

Adam Gower: And it may seem far fetched but it really shouldn't. The very fact that you are here now listening to what I'm explaining to you the very fact that you already know about content distribution and communication puts you ahead of ninety nine point nine percent of sponsors out there trying to raise capital for their deals.

Adam Gower: So if you want to raise money for your deal pipeline.

Adam Gower: If you want to extend and expand your own investor network.

Adam Gower: If you want to defend actually against all the other sponsors out there who are now beginning to slowly and more increasingly approach your network of investors.

Adam Gower: If you want to have access to unlimited capital to invest in distressed deals right when liquidity dries up but deal flow increases during the next downturn.

Adam Gower: If you want to put the entire process of raising capital that you're used to doing in-person if you want to put it all onto autopilot so that you can get on with the business of real estate development then this podcast series is going to be absolutely perfect for you.

Adam Gower: So go to I have actually put together a detailed training that gets into the three pillars in considerably more detail and gives you some secrets how to do that right. I haven't decided exactly where that's going to be this is just the introductory video introductory podcasts now the go to hit the insights link and there's a link underneath that page for the podcast. You'll find this free training in there somewhere.

Adam Gower: I will also explain to our show you how you can start to build these systems for yourself. I'll explain how I can do it for you. And either way there are incredible resources there at that you can learn from to build and to understand how to start to raise capital online or how to improve your own processes for raising capital online.

Adam Gower: Go ahead sign up for the newsletter subscribe to the podcast and change the way that you raise capital by doing actually what you're already doing to raise capital in-person but by doing it online.

Adam Gower: That's it. That's my introduction to this podcast series. Thank you so much for listening today.

Adam Gower: I look forward to seeing you in the series this is Dr. Adam Gower signing off.

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