Aleksey Chernobelskiy, principal at Centrio Capital Partners

The real estate syndication nightmare

Aleksey Chernobelskiy, Centrio Capital Partners

My guest today is Aleksey Chernobelskiy who is principal at Centrio Capital Partners. Aleksey helps Limited Partners (passive investors in real estate syndications – aka ‘LP’s’) with existing and future investments, writing tips, and advising or providing educational content to help them navigate the current market, as well as make decisions on how to act and what to look for as they consider investment opportunities going forward.

Aleksey is a prolific writer. His background includes having run a $10 billion commercial real estate portfolio and he has a quadruple major, (gasp), from the University of Arizona in finance, mathematics, economics and accounting.

The insights he shares in today’s show are largely based on conversations that he has been having with LP’s who are facing issues with some of the deals that they've invested with and who are seeking guidance. He also offers independent third party counsel on how investors should be thinking about the commercial real estate environment in 2024.

Aleksey and I explore the essential aspects of LP investments, focusing on both the opportunities they present and the pitfalls that uninformed investors might encounter. We discuss how LP’s’ lack of knowledge can lead to avoidable mistakes and heightened risks, plus we talk about capital calls dynamics, managing investment dilution, and making informed decisions during a capital call.

Our conversation today provides invaluable guidance for LP’s looking to successfully make their way through the often complex world of real estate syndication, particularly during a downturn, while also providing a roadmap for comprehending the terms and status of an investments before contributing additional money during a capital call.

Watch this episode to learn from Aleksey Chernobelskiy's extensive experience in LP investments. Learn about his approach to tackling the intricacies associated with these types of investments, his tips on risk management, insights on maintaining an informed perspective throughout your investment journey, and his advice on leveraging knowledge to make sound investment decisions.

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