Podcast Episode 303: The Art of Mastering Instagram with Lauren Bath

The Investor Acquisition System:

  • Find More Investors
  • Raise Money Online
  • Finance Your Projects


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The Key to Instagram is Content and Consistency

The Pathway to Pitching Your Project on Instagram

What Are #Hashtags and Why You Need Them

Don't Automate Instagram, Do This Instead

How to Follow Up With Followers on Instagram

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Today's Guest - Lauren Bath

Known as Australia's first professional Instagrammer.

World renowned Instagram influencer and pioneers of influencer marketing.

Almost a half million Instagram followers.

Averages 4,000 engagement likes, comments, and saves on Instagram posts.

Social media consultant, campaign manager, regularly featured in international press.

See below for more information and links to Lauren's profiles and websites.

What You're Going to Learn

Instagram best practices for raising capital on the platform.

Why not to automate your Instagram account and what to do instead.

How to follow up with followers to gain trust and build relationships.

Why content and consistency are important in a successful presence on Instagram.

How to properly pitch your real estate project using Instagram.

And much, much more.

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Watch the Full Podcast Here

The Investor Acquisition System:

  • Find More Investors
  • Raise Money Online
  • Finance Your Projects


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