David Moret, President of Highline Real Estate Capital

Getting an edge in real estate market chaos

David Moret, Getting an edge in real estate market chaos

My guest today is David Moret, founder and president of Highline Real Estate Capital. David brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective especially in the wake of the Federal Reserve's rate hikes.

His insights are particularly timely as we weave our way through a market that's shifting from its previous exuberance to a phase marked by strategic caution and adaptation.

David discusses the launch of Highline’s Real Estate Fund 1, set up as a direct response to the current market dynamics. He talks about the fund's objectives and strategies, emphasizing the need for agility and foresight in today's economic climate, and discusses how the fund is positioning itself to capitalize on market dislocations.

You’ll learn about Highline’s take on the current significant decline in deal flow and transaction volumes and why owners are reluctant to sell at this point in the cycle.  David discusses the 'extend and pretend' strategies adopted by banks, a trend that's creating a unique set of challenges and opportunities for investors.

David's approach to sourcing deals is a masterclass in strategic thinking and adaptability. He talks about leveraging a network of brokers, forming strategic partnerships, and using advanced search tools for targeted acquisitions.

In this episode, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the current commercial real estate market dynamics. David's expertise offers insights into managing investment portfolios, adapting strategies in a fluctuating economic environment, and the art of identifying and capitalizing on investment opportunities in a market that's constantly evolving. Join us for a deep dive into the world of real estate investment with one of the industry's most astute investors.

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