Chris McCormack, Founder/CEO, Better Books

Real estate investing tax benefits overview

Chris McCormack, Better Books 

Are you paying too much in taxes each year?

In today’s episode, the first of a series covering (in detail) the tax benefits of real estate investing , my guest, Chris McCormack, CPA, and I discuss how real estate investors are leaving money on the table by not optimizing their tax strategies and what you can do to avoid paying too much tax.

Chris and I review the main tax benefits of investing in real estate, for both sponsors and passive investors, as well as looking at some of the lesser-known tax saving strategies.

Chris loves reading and understanding the tax code (thankfully, there are people like Chris!) and today you’ll learn about depreciation, cost segregation, and the utilization of 1031 exchanges to defer capital gains taxes. He explains in detail how these strategies can significantly reduce your tax liabilities and increase cash flow.

His insights into leveraging tax laws to benefit from real estate investments make him a valuable resource for investors seeking to maximize their returns through tax-efficient strategies.

Watch this episode to learn Chris McCormack's specialized tax strategies for real estate investors, his approach to dealing with the seemingly never-ending complexities of the tax code, insights on the pivotal role of tax efficiency in investment success, and his perspective on leveraging tax advantages to optimize returns in the real estate space.

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