Andrew Cushman, Vantage Point Acquisitions

The secret to successfully managing apartments long distance

Andrew Cushman, Vantage Point Acquisitions

My YouTube show/podcast guest today is Andrew Cushman, founder and principal of Vantage Point Acquisitions, who shares his experience and insights on remote management of multifamily real estate assets from the other side of the country, discussing the challenges and strategies for successful long-distance investing.

We discuss the current state of the multifamily market and how rising interest rates have impacted prudent sponsors’ ability to acquire new properties. Andrew talks about the spread between what sellers are asking and what buyers are bidding, and discusses the various factors that may lead to a surge in properties coming to market in the near future.

Andrew also shares his philosophy on optimal deal sizes for efficient management, revealing the "sweet spots" at 120 and 220 units where fixed costs can be spread most effectively. He explains how his company has adapted to the changing market conditions and maintained strong performance despite challenges such as rising insurance costs.

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