Reid Bennett - National Council Chair of Multifamily, SVN

Consequences of a syndication boom in commercial real estate

Reid Bennett In the past five years, there has been an unprecedented wave of new commercial real estate syndicators entering the market with a similar wave of accredited investors new to the industry following in their wake.

But as interest rates rise and lending standards tighten, the commercial real estate industry is facing significant challenges and these newcomers to the industry, both sponsors and (passive, accredited) investors are now, for the first time, dealing with the realities of what happens during a real estate downturn.

My guest on The Real Estate Reality Show today, Reid Bennett, National Council Chair of Multifamily, SVN, a seasoned multifamily expert, discusses the impact of these changes on both developers and their investors. 

With prices dropping and many sponsors experiencing capital calls, Bennett shares his insights on the potential for distressed assets in the coming months and the importance of 'LTC', location, timing, and capital in today's market. 

Don't miss this informative episode as we navigate the current real estate landscape and uncover potential opportunities for savvy investors.

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