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Solving Homelessness In LA: Innovations In Affordable Housing Projects

According to NPR, the homeless population in the city of Los Angeles alone reached approximately 50,000 people in early 2019. This number shows an increase from previous years, with experts predicting it will continue increasing.

Two developers, John Perfitt and Jason Neville, have teamed up to work on affordable housing projects that take on the crisis of homelessness. Through creative funding sources and social-focused design, they’re working towards innovative solutions that provide affordable housing in underutilized areas for a fraction of the usual cost.




Influencers in Marketing

Super thrilled to be included in the prestigious 'Influencers in Marketing' awards from GlobeSt in their November/December issue.  Here's what they say:

"As founder of GowerCrowd, Adam Gower has unpacked the power of digital marketing for an entire generation of commercial real estate sponsors; helping them to syndicate projects in a way never before possible, as commercial real estate sponsors were previously prohibited from utilizing the Internet to solicit investors for projects.

"Following Congress’s decision to permit the use of digital media marketing in 2012, Gower leveraged the industry’s lack of tools to effectively form capital on the internet.

Gower created the Investor Acquisition System to fill this gap. As the original and only capital formation system built exclusively for commercial real estate sponsors, the Investor Acquisition System provides both done-for-you and do-it-yourself digital marketing solutions for capital formation."




Connected Dots And Inner Workings Of Real Estate Crowdfunding

With his new book Leaders of the Crowd: Conversations with Crowdfunding Visionaries and How Real Estate Stole the Show(Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), Adam Gower, Ph.D. chronicles the run up to the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) and acceleration to the new frontier for capital formation and investment in real estate. His book advances conversations with whom he calls “some of the brightest, most inspirational people in the country,” leaders who wrote the law and regulations, and visionaries who connected the dots to real estate.


RE Journals

Real Estate Journals

The fall of RealtyShares: Four lessons learned

The collapse of RealtyShares has sent shock waves through the nascent online real estate syndication industry—colloquially known as real estate “crowdfunding”—but there are both reasons for optimism and lessons to be learned. The failure of RealtyShares is not an indictment of the premise upon which real estate crowdfunding is based. It is the application of a business model that, though it had worked in other industries (most notably, tech), was ill-suited to the world of real estate capital formation.


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Lessons from the Fall of RealtyShares

The real estate crowdfunding platform lost sight of its core competency, but it also proved that there's a demand for what it provides. Several lessons can be learned from the recent collapse of RealtyShares, but the most important might be the realization that the demands of investors should serve as a guide and not the driver for a company’s success.



How Los Angeles Is Tackling Homelessness With Limited Real Estate

In 2019, the City of Los Angeles recorded a 16% increase in homelessness, putting current homeless numbers at more than 36,000 people in the city alone. The steady rise in homelessness, mixed with the ongoing housing crisis in LA, has caused many real estate developers to look for solutions that are both practical and sustainable.



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Podcast Guest

Real estate is by far the most popular segment of the crowdfunding industry. The JOBS Act of 2012 fundamentally changed the way that real estate can and is being financed and marketed. Now real estate sponsors can advertise their deals online to raise both equity and debt, and investors can search those deals to directly invest in them. In this podcast, we spoke to Adam Gower, Ph.D of the National Real Estate Forum who talked about real estate syndications, how syndicators differ from sponsors, and how investors can participate in real estate syndication deals – and what the biggest issue there is today with real estate syndications that you must be aware of and understand.


7 Rules

7 Rules Podcast

Podcast Guest

Who’s Adam Gower?

  • An expert on raising capital for real estate investments and developments through social media and other online channels
  • Previously handled real estate developments for Universal Studios in Japan
  • Author of the book Leaders of the Crowd
  • Host of the podcast, “The Real Estate Crowdfunding Show”


Webinar - Investor Management Services (IMS)

Getting Out of Excel – Leveraging Technology to Reduce Risk, Increase Accuracy, and Provide Transparency

Spreadsheets are a common business tool that are fairly easy to use and can handle complex calculations. In the world of commercial real estate, programs such as Excel and Google Sheets are often used to calculate waterfall distributions. However, the problem is that you can almost always get a result in a spreadsheet, but that doesn’t mean those numbers are accurate. In fact, 9 out of 10 spreadsheets contain at least one error, and research shows that attempts to correct those problems often introduce additional errors.

Watch the video for an expert panel discussion about leveraging technology to reduce spreadsheet risk, increase accuracy, provide transparency, and enable scalability.

Our discussion highlights:

  • Common types of spreadsheet errors and associated risks
  • Benefits of leveraging CRE technology
  • Waterfall best practices and key learnings


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LinkedIn as Resource Not Resume

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