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 The Real Estate Reality Show - learn the hard truths about distressed real estate, what it is, and how to profit from it


Introduction to Series 5 of the GowerCrowd Podcast,

'The Real Estate Reality Show'

At GowerCrowd, we take a realistic view of commercial real estate investing, providing pragmatic insights for passive investors who are looking for sponsors they can trust and opportunities they can invest in.

You’ll find no quick fixes or easy money ideas here, no sales pitches, big egos or hype.

Real estate investing for passive (accredited) investors is turning messy with vast swathes of loan maturities approaching which is going to send many sponsors into default causing their investors to lose capital.

While this is nothing to be celebrated, it will also bring in a period of wealth transfer and opportunistic investments.

We’re here to guide you by looking at the harsh reality of real estate investing, examining the risks and the rewards in conversations with some of the world’s top experts so you can make informed decisions.

You’ll learn how to build your wealth while protecting your capital investing as a limited partner in commercial real estate investments, even and especially during an economic downturn.

Each week we add new episodes that provide you with access to the foremost specialists in commercial real estate investing with a focus on discounted distressed real estate and the associated market dynamics.

We provide interviews and explainer videos that dive deep into the trends driving today's real estate industry, how the economy impacts returns, how to access and invest in distressed real estate deals, and how to protect your capital by mitigating downside risks.

There’s no doubt that it is a very challenging time right now for the average investor.

With the impact of COVID still being felt and the era of record low interest rates behind us, commercial real estate is experiencing severe headwinds.

This creates financial distress for many CRE owners who did not include contingencies in their original business plans and who now face dramatically increased debt costs, increased construction and maintenance costs due to inflation, and reduced revenues from rents as the economy slows down.

  • Is the commercial real estate world on the cusp of a major correction?
  • Is it 2007 or 1989 all over again?
  • Will passive investors (limited partners) who have invested in syndications (through crowdfunding or otherwise) see losses they had not predicted? 
  • How can you access discounted real estate opportunities this time around that were only available to a select few during prior downturns?

Let us help you prepare your real estate portfolio no matter what the future holds, whether it be business as usual for real estate investors or a period of wealth transfer where those less prudent during the good times, lose their assets to those who have sat on the sidelines, patiently waiting for a correction.

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