Mark Swedberg, Real Estate Advisor at Royal Legal Solutions

Tax hacks for real estate investors

Mark Swedberg, Royal Legal Solutions

In today’s episode you are getting insights into the world of advanced tax strategies and asset protection for real estate investors with Mark Swedberg of Royal Legal Solutions. Mark shares a wealth of insights, drawing from his company’s unique model that he likens to a "fractionalized family office," providing high-level tax and legal strategies not just for the ultra-wealthy but for anyone earning over $150,000.

You’ll learn about the underutilized potential of private foundations, a strategy often misconceived as only for billionaires. Mark also shows you how setting up a private foundation can offer substantial tax benefits and charitable opportunities, proving it's within reach for many investors.

We also help you better understand the complex landscape of entity structuring, emphasizing the crucial role of LLCs and S Corporations in asset protection and tax minimization. Mark illustrates how these entities can be strategically used to enhance deductions, protect investments from legal threats, and optimize tax efficiency.

We also cover some lesser known and utilized tax strategies like the Augusta Rule, employing short-term rentals for tax advantages, and the concept of paying family members for legitimate business tasks to reduce taxable income. Mark emphasizes the importance of seeking tailored advice and education in navigating these strategies, ensuring they align with individual financial goals and lifestyles.

Tune in to gain Mark Swedberg's expert insights on leveraging legal and tax strategies to bolster your investment portfolio. Whether you're new to real estate or seeking to refine your strategy, understanding these sophisticated tax maneuvers is key to maximizing your returns, making this episode a must-listen for all real estate investors aiming for financial success.

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Special bonus video. Mark sent me this video, below, as a broad overview of topics to cover in the podcast. Well worth watching.

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