Sean Burton Cityview CEO

The key to successful multifamily investing during good times and bad

Sean Burton Cityview CEO

Today’s show is with guest Sean Burton, Chief Executive Officer of Cityview, a seasoned institutional private equity professional in multifamily real estate. Sean shares insights gained from over 20 years running Cityview that have spanned the Great Financial Crisis of 2008+ and the lessons he learned successfully navigating that downturn.

I reached out to Sean to ask him to guide me through an article he wrote, ‘Multifamily Reckoning: Repricing Risk Amid Higher Interest Rates’, one of the best written articles I’ve seen on the topic for a while – see link at the bottom of this page.

In our discussion, Sean sheds light on the challenges faced by the industry, especially with the rapid rise in interest rates and the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. His approach, rooted in hands-on experience and strategic vertical integration, offers a fresh perspective on navigating these challenges.

What you'll learn from today's episode is how successful sponsors remain close to the real estate through diligent hands-on management – an observation we are increasingly hearing from sponsors best positioned to capitalize on the distress caused by those, now facing existential challenges, who have simply outsourced this crucial role.

You’ll hear how cap-rate compression in secondary markets reveals how to separate the winners from the losers in multifamily, what are the real multifamily fundamentals, and a discussion about rediscovering Alpha, what it is, and how it will determine the winners who will emerge from the current cycle.

You’ve heard about all the institutional capital sitting on the sidelines. Sean Burton at Cityview is among those with that capital, patiently waiting in the dugout for their turn to play.

Sean's insights, backed by partnerships with giants like Blackstone and Blackrock, provide a roadmap for investors in this ever-evolving market. Prepare to be enlightened by someone who has not only witnessed but also actively shaped the multifamily real estate market's trajectory.

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