Mitch Vanneman - Vice President, Hilco Real Estate

How receivers solve problems between CRE lenders and their borrowers

Mitch Vanneman - Vice President at Hilco Real Estate

During times of distress in commercial real estate markets, one sector of the industry grows as values tumble: The receivers.

My guest today, Mitch Vanneman, Vice President at Hilco Real Estate, is a professional receiver and in today’s discussion he explains the role of the receiver, what receivers are, what they do, and how they help bridge the gap between lenders and borrowers when deals go bad.


Key insights from this episode include:
  1. The impact of loan maturities: These are set to cause significant issues for many lenders and borrowers, leading to a slow roll of capitulation.
  2. The rise of distressed assets: The market is bracing for an increase in distressed assets as values continue to decline.
  3. The role of consensual receiverships: More owners are willing to give the asset back to the lender, leading to an increase in consensual receiverships.
  4. The future outlook: By the end of 2023, there will be more distressed assets in the market, and by mid-2024, banks’ special assets officers and receivers nationwide will be a lot busier than they are today.
  5. Asset classes: The discussion also explores the different asset classes that are beginning to show signs of distress.
Join us in this episode to gain a deeper understanding of these insights and learn how to navigate the current real estate market landscape through the eyes of my guest tasked, as he is, with finding solutions for assets neither borrowers nor lenders can afford to hold on to.

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