Mike McVickar, Origin Investments

Opportunity Zone tax incentives for real estate investors

Mike McVickar, Origin Investments

Today we are continuing our series on the tax benefits of investing in real estate, with a focus on Opportunity Zones with guest Mike McVickar, general counsel at Origin Investments.

Mike has encyclopedic knowledge of Opportunity Zone laws, regulations, and benefits. There wasn't a single question that I could put to him that stumped him. Not that I was trying, of course, but, having spoken to a lot of folk about Opportunity Zones already, I have come to realize that this particular topic does require a very high degree of knowledge and expertise and that is exactly what you’re getting with Mike today.

Don’t worry though, our conversation starts at a high, general overview level and only then dives deep into the nuances of how to benefit investing in Opportunity Zones. Mike shares his insights on how investors can leverage the unique benefits of OZs to not only defer and potentially eliminate capital gains taxes but also make a meaningful impact on distressed communities across the United States.

Born out of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, OZs offer a powerful incentive for investors to channel their capital gains into designated areas, spurring economic growth and revitalization. With over 8,760 zones nationwide, the potential for both financial returns and social good is immense.

Mike breaks down the mechanics of OZ investing, highlighting the flexibility in investment options, from real estate developments to business ventures, and the importance of adhering to substantial local engagement and investment guidelines. He also shares examples of Origin Investments' successful OZ projects, demonstrating the tangible impact these investments can have on communities and investor portfolios alike.

If you are interested in learning more about how Opportunity Zones can help you defer and potentially eliminate capital gains taxes while making a positive difference in communities across the country, this episode is a must-listen. Mike McVickar provides a comprehensive guide to unlocking the potential of OZs and offers valuable insights for investors looking to merge financial gains with social good.

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