Brian Underdahl, Chief Analytics Officer at Nuvo Capital Partners

2024 to be peak multifamily distress

Brian Underdahl, Chief Analytics Officer, Nuvo Capital Partners

Today's podcast guest is Brian Underdahl, Chief Analytics Officer at Nuvo Capital Partners, a family office backed rescue capital shop with a difference.

Much of the so called 'rescue' capital you see in the market today is preferred equity. Pref equity typically comes into deals charging mid-teen returns, takes a senior position to existing GP/LPs, takes no share of the upside, and keeps the existing ownership in place, subject to performance hurdles.

Nuvo's model is to buy distressed multifamily deals outright at fair market value and then provide the selling entity's existing general partners and limited partners a share of the upside in the new, buying entity.

In today's episode you'll learn how this kind of rescue capital works and what kinds of deals it looks for.

Of particular interest today is that Brian has personally vetted over 500 sponsors nationwide in direct conversations with them, and shares his insights into what makes the good stand out from the bad.

Lastly, a note of thanks to Brian for having contributed to my latest book, Capital Calls and RESCUE Capital. Brian and I recorded a Q&A session where he answered my questions about advanced real estate syndication terminology.

It's what I call 'real estate syndication 2.0' and is the language of a downturn.

Brian fields over 25 advanced questions from me and you can get free access to the entire series as a bonus for buying my latest ($7) book, Capital Calls and RESCUE Capital, here:

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