John Drachman, Co-Founder, Waterford Property Company

Dr. Doom and the World of Commercial Real Estate



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John Drachman - AKA Dr. Doom

My podcast guest today, John Drachman, co-founder at Waterford Property Company, is also known as Dr. Doom for his analysis and views of where we're headed in the current economy.

John has a pragmatic view that is consistent - though (gasp) maybe not quite as doomy and gloomy as my own, and in today's episode you'll hear his latest thoughts and learn how he is steeling himself and his company for the inevitable market correction that's going to hit us in the months to come.

With interest rates climbing as rapidly as they have done in the six months or so to October 2022 and the likelihood the Fed is going to continue increases through the end of the year, you can bet that values across all real estate asset classes are going to be coming down.

Listen in to learn more and discover how to be on the right side of the changes sweeping the industry.

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