Sam Greenberg, Greenberg Smoked Turkey

A holiday treat for everyone!


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Sam Greenberg, Greenberg Smoked Turkey

Every year at Thanksgiving for the last 15+ years, my in-laws have landed an amazing smoked turkey onto the festive table and this year I decided to ask the man himself, Sam Greenberg, Chief Turkey Officer at Greenberg Smoked Turkey, to tell me his story.

And from surviving devastating fires to featuring on Oprah's show, what a perfect holiday story it turned out to be. Discover how smoking turkeys for a living can give you the perfect dream life (just work insanely hard for three months of the year, and then kick back the rest of the time) to why you NEED a Greenberg Smoked Turkey on your holiday menu.

Enjoy this first of holiday special podcasts this year - Happy Holidays to you.

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