Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland, Keystone CPA

A deep dive into 1031 exchanges

Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland, Keystone CPA

When properly utilized, 1030 exchanges can be an invaluable tool in the savvy real estate investor's arsenal.

Joining me today are Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland, husband and wife team at Keystone CPA, who expertly break down the complex web of rules surrounding these tax-deferral strategies.

Our conversation begins with the foundational principles of 1031 exchanges, where Amanda and Matt illustrate how this mechanism allows investors to sidestep immediate tax liabilities, fostering portfolio growth. They compare the process to a game of Monopoly - upgrading from green houses to a red hotel without the tax burden, a concept that's as strategic as it is financially beneficial.

Yet, the devil is in the details, from the stringent monetary and timing requirements to the tactical deployment of depreciation and the nuanced approach to syndication investments, you’re getting some serious details on this important benefit afforded by the tax Code for real estate investors.

You’ll hear about the pivotal role of strategic planning and will be guided through potential pitfalls, learning about common missteps that could jeopardize the tax-deferral benefits.

Whether you're an experienced 1031er or contemplating your first, this episode is a detailed overview, not just about deferring taxes but about amplifying your investment potential through strategic, informed decisions.

Join us as we unravel the complexities of 1031 exchanges and get the tools you need to harness their full potential.

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