Could you lose your accredited investor status with this SEC rule change?

This week, in the GowerCrowd Real Estate Crowdfunding Newsletter we’ve got an extra-long link list. This is because it’s been a busy week as investors look to flee to the relative safety of real estate while also preserving portfolio diversity- a perfect use case for real estate crowdfunding. We’re going to highlight two new deals at Crowdstreet, recent updates to a new cannabis fund we’ve covered in the past, and an Orlando office portfolio with a 14.8% IRR

We’ll also take a look at the newly proposed SEC rules that may change the definition of an accredited investor, potentially cutting off millions of potential investors in the space. Finishing up, we’ll look at AcreTrader’s new Australian Citrus Report and examine the progress of Phase II of the Tulsa Real Estate Fund, the first Black-owned Regulation A+ Tier II Impact Fund.

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