Paid vs. Organic: Which is Better for Real Estate Crowdfunding?

By Adam Gower Ph.D.


Social media presents a great opportunity to get your message in front of a wider investor network. It also presents a dilemma about whether you need to use paid ads to enhance your message or not.


The Limits of Organic Reach


The dream is to be able to build your social media accounts on nothing but organic reach.


It’s only a dream today because reach has been handicapped again and again on every platform. Once social media platforms realized how much they could make from ads, organic reach lost its power.


In the earlier days of social media, everything you posted would have automatically been placed in the feeds of everyone who followed your profile. But, the golden days for organic reach are over now. Today, only around 3% of your posts make it into your followers’ feeds.


Organic reach was powerful in its day. There were strategies to fully harness it, ways to increase reach, and some of your posts were likely to even show up on new peoples’ feeds if they were interacted with enough.


While all of this is still true today, the baseline reach has been so crippled that you can’t rely on organic reach alone if you truly want to see growth and get your message in front of different investors and prospects.


Social media presents a great opportunity to get your message in front of a wider investor network. It also presents a dilemma about whether you need to use paid ads to enhance your message or not.

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A Place for Advertising


Advertising has taken the place of organic reach. What you can’t do organically, you can do with social media ads. The benefit of advertising on social media today is that you can target your audience extremely specifically. You’re not just paying and praying it finds the right feeds.


You can create an ad profile to reach a targeted group of investors even if you have a smaller budget. To get to the best results, start with a smaller budget of $10 – $50 per day, and refine your audience profile, constantly refining your messaging and audience until your ad spend is equating to approximately 3-4% of your conversions.


Put another way, for every $3,000 to $4,000 of ad spend, you should expect to see $100,000 of investment in your deals.


That said, this won’t happen immediately even if you use a proven strategy honed to your specific value proposition.  And keep in mind that while you can reach a highly targeted group of prospective investors across different social networks, your paid campaigns shouldn’t replace organic posting 100%. 


You still need to have a robust, professional digital presence so that when prospects see your ads and do some research on you, they find a developer who provides them with high value educational content, consistent messaging and appearance, and who they can relate to as an authority in the field.

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Creating a Broad Mix


The purpose of using organic reach and advertisements in unison is to create an effective mix to reach your target investors in as many ways as possible. What you want is to get your important content in front of the right eyes as often as possible.


You want your ideal investors to see your content wherever they are. One email isn’t enough, because they may not see it. One Facebook post may not be enough, because it could be lost in the mix. Because you don’t know exactly where your ideal investors will see your content, you want to put it everywhere to catch their attention one way or another.


You can do this by creating a mix using organic reach and advertisement together.


Add in traditional advertisement as well when you find a particular ad-set that works, and then test that against another ad-set. With real estate investment online, the cost of conversion is going to be very different from other industries where a 20% margin on ad spend is considered stellar. 


In real estate crowdfunding you can expect 25x return on your ad-spend depending on your minimum investment levels, but you must have patience before seeing results.




Social media presents a brand-new opportunity to reach a highly targeted new group of investors as well as reaching out to your existing network, but it doesn’t come free. Organic reach still works, but it works even better alongside sponsored posts and advertisements. Build the right mix and keep refining it until you’re getting meaningful investments as a multiple of your ad spend.


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