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Perfection is the Enemy of the Good in Real Estate Crowdfunding

By Adam Gower Ph.D.


Authenticity means showing prospects and investors the raw side of your personality and business but it’s tough to put content out online that is anything but perfectly produced.  Being authentic online when you are raising money for your real estate projects, however, will help prospects and investors connect with you more and in this article we’ll reveal exactly what you can do to attract more investors and why you shouldn’t worry about being perfect.

Is It Practical?


A lot of syndicators and people involved in real estate investment tend to feel like whatever you put online needs to be highly curated. It’s all about putting your best foot forward and presenting the most polished version of yourself. Traditionally, this is how you’d do it. So, is authentic, down to earth posting practical for real estate developers wanting to raise money online?


It can be. Just because you’re showing a more personal view of the projects, your company, and the people involved in your company doesn’t mean you’re showing all your dirty secrets.


Anyone who has ever been involved in a real estate deal, from either side, knows that things aren’t always polished and perfect.


Deals don’t always go down exactly as planned. There are always issues of one kind or another.


If you try to present yourself with a polished look, you won’t be connecting with investors and distinguishing yourself from other syndicators and investment opportunities out there. We’ve all seen the drone pictures, professional photography, fancy editing, and vague monotone video walkthroughs before. What are you doing to stand out and be a company that investors can connect with? For the rising generation of investors using social media regularly, connection is vital.

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Benefits of Authentic Branding


If you were to focus on posting content that gave a closer look into your company or some sneak peaks behind the scenes, what would it get you? There are some real benefits to a more authentic approach to social media marketing in real estate investment sectors:


  • Differentiation

Everyone posts beautiful pictures of their projects, investment opportunities, and success stories. If everyone’s doing it, why would you also want to jump on that bandwagon? Be a leader in the new trend instead and differentiate yourself.


  • Build Connection

As already mentioned, more authentic content tends to foster connections with people faster on social media. Millennials (who are now your go-to audience for crowdfunding a syndication) prefer content that’s more relatable and less fabricated. If you want to connect with them, it’s better to think with greater humility.


  • Lower Budget

You don’t have to spend big money on professional productions, staging, and expensive videography. These things can be helpful for marketing materials, but you don’t need them for everyday social media posting. Even if you hire a freelancer, your budget will likely be better than it would be for an overly curated feed and postings.


  • Better Engagement

Personal posting leads to more engagement. This has been demonstrated time and time again. When someone feels more connected with what you’re posting, they’re more likely to react to it instead of just passing it on their feed. Considering how hard it is to get organic views and reach right now, you need all the engagement you can get.


  • Reach New Audiences

If you continue posting the same stock-image type pictures, videos, and content, you’re not likely to get younger audiences interested. New audiences want something different. They don’t want to be fed the marketing materials and filtered images. They want genuine, authentic content that meets them where they are. To reach a new audience, you have to take a new approach.

Get access to our FREE weekly newsletter exclusively covering the latest updates from the real estate crowdfunding world

Creating Connections Online


Social media is all about connections. It’s built to be more personal than your business website. Keep your curated content and stunning project images on your website. Those things also have their place, but so does more personal content.


Few syndicators have jumped in and started building a more personal brand image on social media so far.


They’ve been sticking with the safe strategy, but that’s a field that’s going to get over-crowded quickly. If you want to be a leader, instead of a follower, and want to totally dominate real estate crowdfunding so you can raise more money and stay ahead of the competition, you need to branch out and try a different approach to social media marketing.


Authenticity isn’t as scary as it sounds. However you feel about personalized social media posts and relatable content, you may want to get used to the idea. As a syndicator advertising your project on social media, you need to speak the same language as your potential investors. Today’s investors are less interested in perfection and more interested in what’s genuine. Be genuine and see what happens.

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