The 3 Key Ingredients for Real Estate Crowdfunding on Instagram

By Adam Gower Ph.D.


What does it take to raise money for real estate projects on Instagram?


Having only been permitted to advertise to the general public within the last few years through regulatory changes, real estate crowdfunding online is new territory for syndicators. The bar for social media success or content popularity might be low now, but it won’t always be, so it’s important to start right and to get into good habits on Instagram as with all social media.


Make sure you’re doing things the right way from day one so you can reach and engage accredited investors and generates leads and raises capital for you again and again.


Here are the 3 key ingredients that make it all possible for you:

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1.   Produce Great Content


Content is what draws investors in and keeps them coming back. Without great content, you don’t have anything to attract and retain attention. Content is what brings value to your messaging. If you’re not bringing value, you can’t expect people to start thinking about investing with you.


Value comes in different forms. Entertainment, informative content, engaging content, education. If your posts aren’t relevant to your core message or your value proposition, they won’t be providing the right type of value to convert potential investment partners.


Make content about things you know well and that reflect the key drivers of your investment strategy and relate this in a simple English educational way.


If you have a certain passion or outlook, it’s possible others like your who are interested in real estate investment also share that passion or outlook. Above all, make your content visual. People love visual content that’s coming from a place of genuine interest or passion rather than tailor-made, stock content aimed to please the largest crowd possible.


Hashtags help a lot with Instagram content. You can be part of something that’s happening now or trending, as long as it’s relevant to your content. Hashtags also help you arrange and connect your content so people can view your posts in an orderly fashion. Up to 30 hashtags can be attached to any single post, but the ideal number is between 3 – 8 per post.


Content hashtags are strategic, not just random. Because posts that use the same hashtags are grouped chronologically, you must be smart about it. If you use hashtags that are extremely broad and popular, your content will be lost in the mix quickly. Instead, choose alternative tags that are popular, but also relaxed enough to let your content posts stay visible for a while. Look for tags with at least 10,000 users and no more than around 200,000 users.

2.   Build Your Real Estate Investor Network


It takes time to connect with investors on Instagram. To build a strong, engaged network, you have to put in the effort. Many services online promise to do this for you through automation, but the results aren’t the same. To really build an engaged, energized, passionate investor network, your account needs personal attention.


Besides, on Instagram, automation is against the terms and conditions. You could potentially put your account in jeopardy by automating it. Even using an agency to manage your Instagram account could produce mixed results especially if they don’t have the same degree of expertise as you do in real estate. So, what do you do instead?

Devote a set amount of time per day to just be on Instagram, reacting to posts and comments, interacting with your prospects, following other users, engaging with other peoples’ content, and generally making your presence known.

Find something you enjoy on Instagram and stick with it. In real estate investment niche, you’ll find tons of related accounts that post great content you can enjoy and engage with.


The trick to building your community is to treat it like networking at a large conference event, because that’s essentially what you’re doing. You don’t know exactly who you’re meeting or talking with. They could be a potential investor or someone with a real estate project for sale, but you might not know it initially. Unlike networking at a business or philanthropic event, you can’t always be sure who you’re talking to until you are further into the conversation. Present a consistent message, be engaging, make connections everywhere, and watch your Instagram real estate investor network grow steadily.

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3.   Be Consistent


There’s no way to get ahead on any social media platform unless you’re posting and interacting consistently. Daily content is great but may not be sustainable for you. Also, quality matters more than quantity in the long run. Most developers crowdfunding their real estate projects can’t expect to build a decent following by spending 1 day per week on Instagram.


That said, you don’t need to spend hours every day on Instagram. It’s unnecessary, though it could be helpful if you’re being productive and accomplishing things during that time.

"What you should do instead is create a consistent schedule for yourself. Make a content schedule and stick to it."

Post 2 – 3 times per week at minimum to keep your name out there. Social media platforms, including Instagram, always favor accounts that they perceive to be more active and engaging. By being consistent, you can keep your account in view and help your content stay up in people’s feeds.




Instagram may seem foreign and unorganized, but you can find your place and carve out your niche if you make the right moves. Put the effort in to make great content, build an engaged investor network, post consistently, and you’re likely to get good results.


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