GowerCrowd Client Testimonials


$90 million raised since working with GowerCrowd

Reliant Real Estate Management offers institutional quality self-storage investments to accredited investors. The company purchased its first facility in 2007 and at time of engaging GowerCrowd was a top 25 self-storage operator in the United States.

During our tenure with the company, they exited one fund, set up another, and took on additional staff to handle the volume of accredited investor leads we were generating for them.

Kris Benson is Reliant's Chief Investment Officer.

"We work with GowerCrowd because the ROI is worth it."

Reliant Real Estate Management engaged us to build out a full search engine optimization program (SEO), written content for their website, video production, social posting and implementation of all tech. Upon completion we commenced active marketing focusing primarily on paid advertising.

$100 million raised since implementing the Investor Acquisition System.

Our work involved designing and rebuilding the entire Trion Properties website in coordination with their development team, production of all content, social media posting, SEO, paid advertising management and other services.

"Well connected in the real estate industry."


Trion Properties is a West coast value-add multi-family operator who already had over $300 million in successful transactions when we started working with them and at the end of 2021 announced they had hit $1 billion in AUM. They had already had great success raising capital on various crowdfunding platforms and wanted to develop their own capital formation capabilities.

Max Sharkansky is one of the managing partners at the firm.

$53+ million raised since implementing the Investor Acquisition System.

Services provided include: designing and rebuilding their entire website, production of all content, social media posting, SEO, paid advertising management and PR services.

Feldman Equities is the premier skyrise office owner in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with over 4 million square feet of office owned and/or managed, and $3 billion of aggregate value office owned.

Larry Feldman is the third generation CEO of the firm.

"The 30 day $9 Million Blowout Success"

"The one complaint"

"SEO - I'm loving it!"

"Gower's Work Ethic"

"From zero to 5,000 prospects"

"An asset to our company"

"Institutional capital vs. crowdfunding."

"The impossible $22 million raise."

"Knowledge and tenacity."


Small Change - Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Eve Picker is one of the true pioneers of real estate crowdfunding. She was the first person to form a Regulation Crowdfunding platform when she founded the SmallChange shortly after the JOBS Act of 2012 was passed.

Eve hired us to expand her Impact Investing mission to more investors and sponsors nationwide.  We advised her to start a podcast, creating a content marketing strategy that included email, social media, and PR.

A year after our contract ended, Eve sent me the email that is  quoted verbatim  below (emphasis added).

"You popped into my head last night and it’s prompting me to thank you for sending me down the path of podcasting. It’s becoming a wild success with 5,000 downloads in January alone.  Amazing to see.  I’m still not sure who would listen to me.


I’ve launched an impact investor club as well in collaboration with the Impact Finance Center, and its teaching me that Linkedin might be the place for Small Change.   1300 people have signed up for the March 16 event alone.  Kind of ridiculous.  Account holders, investments, everything is starting to grow rapidly.

That year building content really paid off.   A big thank you."

Dr. Jeff Anzalone raises equity capital from physicians nationwide

Prior to engaging us, Dr. Anzalone had almost zero social media presence and engaged us to drive traffic for him from these channels. We set him up with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles, branded all his content and set it all on auto-pilot.

The testimonials below were offered only two weeks following the conclusion of our assignment.

Vast knowledge of real estate

Digital marketing knowledge

Above and beyond

Love the snowball effect of being on auto-pilot

50x on LinkedIn in 2 weeks

Can't say enough good things

As Featured in The Media

One on One Coaching

Joe Wilson, a physician who syndicates multifamily deals, beta tested a 5-day Bootcamp where he and I worked together in mentorship style.

His comments reflect his experience of working with me one-on-one.

"Something that is very complicated is broken down into simple steps."

"You're an expert at this and it's pretty amazing watching you do what you do."

"You can be up and running by the end of the week."

Courses and Books


"The more I follow you and see what you are producing the more impressed I am. Your niche is perfect and fine tuned and exactly what I need."

Dr. Joseph W.


"If you’re a real estate investor or developer looking to raise money go direct to Adam. Listen to his thought provoking podcast and buy his books. He is one of a few genuine and sincere experts on the topic."

Shane M.


"This book reads as a guide on how to raise capital by leveraging the tools available at our disposal. Bottom line: it is worth every penny spent to buy this book, and much more." [Of SYNDICATE]

Alina T.


"Thank you for suggesting your book. I read it in one sitting lol - good stuff man! I'm looking forward to engaging your team to help me build out a lead gen platform. I'm 100% sold on your concepts." [Of SYNDICATE]

John M.


"This book answers the question of how to raise capital and lays out the process in an easy to understand format. It includes actionable steps anyone can take to build credibility with their investors and raise capital from them. I highly recommend this book!" [Of SYNDICATE]

Kris B.

These testimonials are offered as a reference point only and I am not implying that the capital raises discussed are commonplace, that you will raise as much, or that you will raise any money for your deals. That is totally dependent on the caliber of your deals, your background and experience, your ability to deliver on your business plans, and the terms and conditions you offer to investors.

What I do promise, however, is that you and your offerings will be visible to and will attract more prospects, that you will be portrayed in the best possible light you can be, and that the positive impact to you of expanding your online presence will be an asset to your company that will continue serving you long into the future.