A guide for remote workers

How to Setup a TV Quality Studio for Remote Work

At GowerCrowd we created this simple guide to help you improve your online meetings, create better content, and up your game while working from home.

Working From Home Isn't All That Bad


As someone who voluntarily chose to work remotely 5 years ago, I've created 100's of podcasts, produced over 1,000 videos for private clients, and conduct almost 100% of all business calls and meetings online.

Learn how to working remotely can change your life for good!

Free Checklist and Video Walkthrough

Get a full equipment list based on years of trial and error, and access a video walkthrough that guides you through how to set the whole thing up in minutes.


Checklist Walkthrough

Whiteboard walkthrough of the equipment checklist showing you exactly how to set up your own studio no matter where you are. You get a detailed guide to each piece of equipment you need while learning some secret hacks to make it even easier.

Equipment Checklist

Everything you need to set up a TV quality studio in your own home, no matter what room you use or how little space you have, with direct links so you can find exactly what you're looking for and don't have to search around or test to find the best.

A Message From Adam Gower Ph.D.

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Dr. Adam Gower

"Dr. Adam Gower is the world's foremost expert on raising real estate capital online."

Having lived in some of the biggest cities in the world - London, Tokyo, Los Angeles - for most of my career, I moved to a small seaside town over 5 years ago where I learned how to work remotely.

I invested in some tech-startups as a seed/angel investor and, combining the advanced digital marketing techniques I learned seeing these folk pitch their deals with my own decades long experience in real estate investment and finance, today I spend my life creating high value educational content for real estate developers so they can crowdfund their projects.

Working remotely can be liberating and I am very happy to share with you how to eliminate the learning curve so you can get up and running quickly and easily - and get back to work even when you stay at home!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cost. It's totally free.  You will have to buy some equipment, however, and links are provided in the checklist directly to Amazon so you can go straight to the products you need.  Total cost of that equipment, depending on what you buy, will run no more than $500-$600.

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