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Social Media No Longer Optional for Real Estate Developers

By Adam Gower Ph.D.

It doesn’t matter which side of the real estate investment equation you’re on, it’s time to get hooked up to social media. Whether you’re an investor (or potential investor), developer, project sponsor, broker, or whatever, now is the to start doing social media.


If you’re looking for investors, listen up, because this is especially important for you.

Why Does Social Media Matter Right Now?


The world is changing, and social media is at the forefront of that change. The next generation of high net worth investors are totally habituated to social media. It’s an integral part of their lives and it’s where they spend a lot of their free time. If you’re not on social media, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get in front of your existing investors and prospective future investors.


Social media used to be a no-go zone for anyone seeking investors because of solicitation regulations – it was prohibited.  However, those regulations have changed, giving you the freedom to now advertise investments publicly to anyone.

This means social media is not just yours for the taking, it means it’s no longer an option: Social Media is Mandatory for Real Estate Developers Wanting to Raise Money For Their Projects!

Getting Ahead of the Crowd


Right now, you have the opportunity to be one of the early adopters. Social media is nothing new but advertising real estate syndication deals on social media is. You have the chance to get ahead of your competitors and get your business in front of more eyes than ever before.


There aren’t a lot of real estate investment companies seeking investors on social media today and really using it to their advantage. Now that you’re allowed to do it, what’s stopping you? You could be one of the first to tap into a mass market of new investors by meeting them where they are and bringing the opportunities to them.


Once other companies jump in, it’ll be harder to differentiate yourself. Step up now and make a name for yourself, build you brand, and get ahead of the competition. If you’re the brand people know about and associate with a certain type of service, you’re in a better position to beat competitors when they finally follow you onto all the different platforms.

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Making It Count


Being on the platforms is important, but you have to make sure you’re putting effort into it. Remember that social media today is like an introduction to what you’re doing and who you are as a company. People, especially investors, care about that more now than ever before.


If you launch a social media profile on every platform and all you’ve got is one picture and a few posts from two years ago, you’re not going to impress anyone. It’s actually better to stay off the platforms entirely than to put up a half-hearted profile that makes a terrible first impression.


Put something up that you’re proud of. It doesn’t need to be professional quality and you don’t have to spend hours every day posting to every different platform. If you’re posting for yourself, make sure you’re making content that’s useful and satisfactory quality, but you don’t need to waste time making it feel polished and well-refined.


Authentic, genuine content can work just as well in this industry, as long as the production quality is acceptable.


Don’t feel pressured to do your own posting. Hire a freelancer to do it for you. It’s an inexpensive solution that can lead to great results without you having to put in as much time.




There’s no reason to avoid social media anymore. In fact, the reasons to join now heavily outweigh the reasons you might have had for avoiding social media! Get started now and begin the work of building your brand online to reach your next generation of investors.

If you have only just started in real estate development, have completed no deals, have no email list, but know you want the freedom and wealth being a real estate developer brings, then I suggest your first step is to start evaluating deals so you can recognize a good one when you see it.

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If you’ve already purchased one or more real estate project and are seeing more opportunities than you can finance, then now is the time to start building your investor network so you can finance all your next deals quicker.

You’ve already got some momentum; now start finding and educating prospects about what you’re doing so you can build an email list of people to pitch to when you’re ready to raise money for your next deal.
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If you are a seasoned pro with multi-cycle experience, a substantial portfolio, a decent deal pipeline, and find yourself spending too much time raising equity capital because you’re still doing it in-person, then it’s time you put technology to work for you.

The wonderful thing about doing this is that you’re not going to be doing anything different than you’re already doing and, guess what, you’ll never have to sit through investor meetings again.

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