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How Public Relations and Social Media Work Together

By Adam Gower Ph.D.

In today’s digital world, it’s safe to say that PR (public relations) and social media go hand-in-hand. People all over the world are turning to social media for business reviews, social proof, or even just to check someone’s credibility.


This means that real estate sponsors, like yourself, seeking to raise capital online, need to be active on the right social media platforms if you want to manage your own reputation effectively. You can also use social media to make sure you are making the right impression on the high net worth audience you want to reach.


PR is all about being able to communicate in a way that builds relationships. If you think about it, public relations is the bridge between what an organization, or brand, communicates, and the public. PR is about both shifting opinions and protecting reputations.


Utilizing social media as a main part of your PR campaign is just smart business. With the right strategy, a social media channel could potentially get your message in front of exactly the right audience , helping you develop relationships with prospects and existing investors, and ensuring you’re always one step ahead of your competition as you solicit for capital.

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Developing the Right Relationships


Relationship management, along with community management, play a significant part of the public relations experience. Public relations focused professionals on social media have the opportunity to interact with influencers, journalists, and many other media outlets with the goal of extending their own company’s influence.


By making the right connections with the right audience on the right social media channels, you can ensure you’re building a solid reputation of authority, credibility, and professionalism.

Strengthen Your Message


Another way you can use social media for PR is by enhancing your company’s message with original, branded content. Sharing various pieces of content on your social media channels (photos, videos, blog posts, etc.) will not only help show prospects what your investment strategy and goals are all about, it also helps develop your brand’s authority.


When it comes to sharing content on social media, the key to success is to make sure every single message aligns with your values, your audience’s expectations, and the objectives of your capital formation campaign.

Social Sharing in Press Releases 


One massively effective way to incorporate the world of social media into the world of public relations is by adding social sharing links to all of your online communications. By doing so, you are ensuring that when a follower reads your content online, they can quickly and easily share it with their friends and family and on their own social channels - thus expanding your reach even further.


You can also embed social media links directly into your content to make it even easier to distribute your company’s important information to a much wider audience as quickly as possible.


The Importance of #Hashtags


The “hashtag” – the ‘#’ symbol – has become an almost essential part of a marketing strategy nowadays. It makes connecting to relevant conversations even easier. You can keep track of what is being said about your company, you can monitor conversations, get insights into the perception your audience has of you, and more.


Hashtags can also ensure your content is easier for your audience to find, as all they need to do is search for a single branded hashtag. One way to ensure your hashtag game is strong is by testing different hashtags out on your posts, while still being consistent with your branded hashtags.

Reputation Management


Finally, it’s worth noting that one wrong message or unpleasant rumor on social media can potentially be enough to permanently damage your reputation - unless the problem is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Being active on social media can allow you to respond quickly to real-time situations (crisis management) and stay on top of the conversations you want to be a part of.


Achieving PR success often involves taking advantage of the real-time nature of social media - allowing you to maintain your positive reputation, while also allowing you to raise capital online like has never before been possible.

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