[White Paper] How to Communicate During a Downturn: A Guide for Commercial Real Estate Professionals 

With Adam Gower Ph.D.

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When times get tough, it's time to double down on communication.  


If you don't communicate with your investors, they'll get their news and updates from the media and during hard times that news is never likely to be good.


Get ahead of the narrative by engaging in communications tactics and strategies that will alleviate your investors' concerns while increasing the likelihood that they will meet capital calls (if you have any) and will reinvest with you in the future.


Access GowerCrowd's latest white paper where you'll learn:

* What kind of communication should you be pushing out to your investors.

* The optimal frequency of your communications.

* How to manage investor expectations and increase capital raising even when what you have to say is not what your investors want to hear.

* How to craft your messaging to reduce investor concerns.

* Exactly what NOT to say in your communications.

* A step by step guide to structuring your emails and other communications.



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Adam Gower is a 30+ year veteran real estate investment and finance professional.  He builds leading edge digital marketing platforms for sponsors who want to raise money online by finding prospects and nurturing them so they are predisposed to invest.

Watch the whiteboard workshop where Dr. Gower walks you through the exact system he builds for private clients in enough detail that you can build one yourself.  Access the workshop here.

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