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Series 2: Conversations with Industry Leaders

Listen in to conversations with the leaders of the real estate syndication industry, the founders and CEOs of some of the top companies in the industry and discover best of class practices.

208 Alex Rampell, General Partner, Andreesen Horowitz

NRE Forum Podcast #208: Real Estate as Fintech – The Venture Capital Perspective Alex Rampell, General Partner at the venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz, is hoping for and has a reasonably decent chance of getting a 1,000 times multiple on this real estate investment.  Whether he gets it or not, one thing is certain –…

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207 Mark Roderick, Crowd Fund Attorney

NRE Forum Podcast #207:  Unraveling Crowd Fund Real Estate Regulations Mark Roderick, Crowd Fund Attorney, is one of the best connected attorneys focusing on JOBS Act regulations to promote crowd sourced capital for real estate.  Consolidating the insights he has gleaned from his clients with his knowledge of the industry, Mark shares thoughts ranging from…

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206 Brew Johnson, Founder & CEO Peerstreet

NRE Forum Podcast #206: Secondary Market for Lenders, First Position Loans for Investors Brew Johnson, Founder and CEO of PeerStreet, emerged from the downturn of 2007/08 having predicted its arrival and having capitalized on the opportunities it presented.  With a firm awareness of how devastating a downturn can be, under his guidance, PeerStreet takes steps…

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205 Lisa Canning, CrowdFund Capital Advisors

NRE Forum Podcast #205:  Relationships Matter When Raising Capital Online Raising capital online is not simply a matter of putting up a website and waiting.  You must first establish a relationship with investors through consistent marketing and communication.  Lisa Canning has stepped into real estate companies’ online offerings that have not heeded this wisdom and…

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204 Ben Miller, Co-Founder, CEO, Fundrise

NRE Forum Podcast #204:  Ben Miller, CoFounder, CEO, Fundrise Before the JOBS Act was even on the SEC’s radar, Ben Miller was putting together a crowd funded real estate deal right on their doorstep in Washington D.C.  Now he runs one of the only marketplaces that provides open access to deal flow for all investors…

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203 Rod Turner, Chairman & CEO, Manhattan Street Capital

NRE Forum Podcast #203:  The Mini-IPO For Your Real Estate Deals You can raise capital for your real estate company’s expansion, providing funds for growth or even just as a liquidity event for shareholders.  Rod Turner, founder, Chairman and CEO of Manhattan Street Capital shares his encyclopedic knowledge about Regulations A+ (the mini-IPO) and CF…

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202 Nav Athwal, Founder & CEO RealtyShares

NRE Forum Podcast #202:  Nav Athwal, Founder & CEO RealtyShares To crowd fund a real estate deal requires a marketplace where sponsors seeking capital can meet investors looking for deals.  One of the largest and most successful yet of these online platforms is RealtyShares.  Nav Athwal, founder and CEO, discusses how his platform manages quality…

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201 Will The Crowd Fund the Next Generation of Retail

NRE Forum Podcast #201:  Will the Crowd Fund the Next Generation of Retail Professor Chad Syverson discusses that while e-commerce has been impactful on retail real estate, big box stores and super centers have had no less an influence on changing the landscape of the retail experience.  In time, he predicts, even the big box…

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