Michael Campbell, CEO, Carlton Crowdfunding

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #240: No-one’s going to buy a $1bn on the Internet

Following the passing of Howard Michaels in September, my guest today Michael Campbell recently promoted to the CEO position at the Carlton Group, has some big shoes to fill. As you’ll hear from today’s conversation, he is a great choice for the role and while skeptical, continues to keep his eye on crowdfunding.  More…

Nav Athwal, Founder, RealtyShares – Reflections

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #239: Nav Athwal, Founder of RealtyShares Reflects Upon Lessons Learned

Nav Athwal founded RealtyShares in 2013; he left his operating position in late 2017 and exited the board late summer 2018.  Today he reflects upon the lessons learned from the rise and fall of one of the first, largest, and best respected real estate crowdfunding platforms.  More…

Pete Asmus, CEO Greenzone 360

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #238: The Only Cannabis Real Estate Crowdfunding Site

Pete Asmus is a force of nature. He is an inspirational speaker and one of the only entrepreneurs using crowdfunding to bring cannabis investment through real estate on his platform Greenzone 360. He is also the owner of one of the largest groups on LinkedIn with over 500,000 members.  More..

Lynn Smith, Founder & CEO, Buy the Block

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #237: Buy the Block is One of the Only Funding Portals Under Reg CF

Lynn Smith has taken on one of the noblest challenges in real estate finance today; she has founded and operates one of the very few funding portals that allows developers to raise money online from everybody, accredited and non-accredited alike. Her site is focused on the African American community as an antidote to gentrification and to provide capital formation opportunities for a community often overlooked by the banks.  More…

Dan Drew, Founder & CEO, First Real Fund

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #236: Investor Protections and Co-Investment Put First Real Fund Ahead of the Crowd


Though one of the newer entrants to the real estate crowdfunding arena, Dan Drew’s institutional background and his emphasis on investor protections and wealth preservation, make his platform First Real Fund stand out from the crowd.  More…

Steven Kaufman, Founder & CAO, Zeus Crowdfunding

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #235: ZeusCrowdfunding.com is the Only Real Estate Site in the Industry With a Guarantee

Money Industry

Steven Kaufman’s title at ZeusCrowdfunding.com is CAO. Apparently, that stands for Chief Acceleration Officer but could well stand for Chief Audacity Officer because Steven Kaufman at ZeusCrowdfunding.com actually guarantees the investments on his site. If you only listen to one of my podcasts, listen to this one; Steven is unique and his story is fascinating.  More…

Matt Rodak, Founder & CEO Fund That Flip

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #233: Fund that Flip Improves Processes, Disrupts the Hard Money Industry

Matt Rodak is founder and CEO of Fund that Flip. Matt found an opportunity to disrupt the hard money lending space when he was borrowing money from lenders but found the process to be unwieldy and inefficient. Not only that, but he wanted to reconcile the contradiction he saw between the relatively low returns he was getting in his personal investments in unsecured consumer debt and the significantly higher rates he was paying for his real estate secured loans.  More…

Adam Kaufman, Co-Founder & Managing Director, ArborCrowd

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #232: Pre-Funding Deals, ArborCrowd Invests Before Taking to the Crowd

In today’s podcast, Adam Kaufman, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Arborcrowd explains that they prefund deals before offering them to investors. He describes how, as their business model is not driven by a need for volume, they are selective about what deals they put out to the crowd. Adam is aware that it is easy to be successful in real estate when things are constantly going up – as has been the case since the crowd funding real estate industry started – and so you won’t necessarily find that many deals on their platform, but the ones you do are probably worth a closer look.  More…

Harold Hofer, Co-Founder & CEO, Rich Uncles

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #231: Rich Uncles and the $5.00 Minimum Investment

Harold Hofer together with his Co-Founder Ray Wirta (also executive chairman at CBRE) envisioned a world where anyone could invest in real estate way before the JOBS Act was even a gleam in a politician’s eye.  They launched in Texas with an intrastate offering and have since expanded to being one of the most prominent crowd funding platforms in the industry.  Now they are leading the industry again by offering a minimum investment of only $5.00 to anyone over the age of 18 years old.  Listen to the podcast and read the shownotes here…

Jason Schwetz, Triple Net Zero Debt

By Dr. Adam Gower

NRE Forum Podcast #230: Capitalizing on CFRE With a Conservative Approach to Investing

Jason Schwetz, President and Founder of Triple Net Zero Debt, realized early on that crowd funding was going to transform the way real estate is financed and set about building a model to capitalize on this paradigm.  He settled on a model that delivers long term, steady income and that minimizes chance of loss by investing in triple net lease properties with credit tenants while taking on zero debt.  More…

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