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WHSE Partners - Ground-up Industrial Warehouse Developers

WHSE Partners


WHSE Partners is a collaboration between CEO Rob Boese and COO Erin Volpp. Rob and Erin have over 35 years of combined experience in commercial real estate; they are experts in the light industrial asset class and have a deep understanding of how to make a  project successful. Light industrial can be a straightforward asset but it has to be meticulously managed by a seasoned operator, like WHSE Partners, in order for it to  deliver substantial results.

One example of Rob and Erin’s success can be found by the  significantly increased value of a +/-400,000 square foot light industrial portfolio built in  the 1970’s in the California Central Valley from 2013-2017. Older buildings in the region had a standard vacancy factor but this portfolio, under Rob and Erin’s care, out-preformed all of its competition including more recent construction (see track record for return summary). The WHSE Partners Team used this experience to perfect the playbook for operating light industrial property profitably and efficiently.


After participating in every aspect of the light industrial asset class including acquisition,  disposition, leasing, operations, and asset management, Rob and Erin are focused and prepared to execute their own projects. They know that nothing can replace the impact of thorough research and due diligence which they have executed with the help of some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

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