Ryan Windley, Real Estate Investor

How to get outsized returns investing in Class A Deals at Class D Prices



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Ryan Windley, Real Estate Investor

My podcast guest today, Ryan Windley is a teacher/trainer by trade and real estate investor, who has hacked the Groundfloor real estate crowdfunding platform to get outsized returns relative to the risk he takes.

Groundfloor makes loans to fix and flippers and grades the quality of the loans it makes, offering higher returns for what it considers relatively riskier 'Class D' loans, and lower returns on lower risk deals that it classifies as Class A.

In short, Groundfloor have developed a risk-return model for investors that Ryan figures he's beaten with his own system - and having yielded around an 11% return over three years on loans with risk profiles that should be yielding no more than 7%, well, it looks like he's on to something.

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