DEAL TIME! Self Storage Fund - Investment Opportunity

Sponsor: Reliant Real Estate Management

Learn about Reliant's Self Storage fund investment opportunity


Sponsor: Reliant Real Estate Management

Deal name: Reliant Self Storage Fund II

Asset Class: Self Storage

Investment type: Equity

Projected total return: 72% - 90%

Targeted returns: 12%-15% cash-on-cash including profits from sale

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Hold period: 6 Years

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More information about Reliant's Fund II:

What is Reliant Self-Storage Fund II?


It is a fund used to acquire and develop a diversified portfolio of self-storage properties across the United States to  deliver investors passive income through quarterly distributions and capital appreciation over a projected 6  year hold period.


Reliant will be raising up to $50,000,000 to purchase the properties that they currently have under contract and  additional properties that meet their underwriting standards to deliver a diversified offering to their investors. They will focus their investment on all types of self-storage investment including but not limited to development deals,  value add opportunities, and stabilized properties.



  • Reliant plans to meet its fund objectives by acquiring or developing self-storage properties primarily in the secondary and tertiary markets that meet their strict underwriting standards.
  • Utilizing a mix of value-add, stabilized and ground up development the fund plans to deliver current cash flow along with long term capital appreciation and principal protection.
  • The fund projected returns over a 6 year hold period allowing for appreciation of value and taking advantage of the historically low volatility of the self-storage asset class