Eric Brody - Founder and Principal,
Anax Real Estate Partners

How to navigate the current state of distress in the marketplace.


Eric Brody, Founder and Principal, Anax Real Estate Partners

Have you lost a real estate deal because debt costs skyrocketed and the banks stopped financing your construction project? 

Eric Brody, my guest today has but he has pulled himself up by his bootstraps and now helps others out of similar, sticky situations. 

His new venture, ANAX, provides much-needed real estate rescue capital to distressed real estate projects in various stages of completion. 

He shares his personal story of being at the wrong end of a distressed development deal, the lessons he learned, and how it inspired him to set up a rescue capital venture for other developers in a similar situation. 

We discuss the current state of distress in the marketplace and how developers and investors can navigate these challenges and Eric unwraps how lessons learned from painful experience are the foundations for success going forward. 

Eric doesn’t accept individual investors (his venture is fully funded), but if you’re looking at other rescue funds to invest in, tune in to hear Eric’s war story for context on what rescue capital is and how it thinks and does.


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