Chris Loeffler, Caliber

Publicly traded (private) equity real estate

Chris Loeffler, Caliber

Today's guest is Chris Loeffler, CEO and co-founder of Caliber, a publicly traded private equity real estate firm (is that a contradiction in terms?). In this episode, Chris shares his insights on the evolution of the real estate private equity industry and Caliber's journey as one of the first publicly-traded sponsors of its kind.

We talk about the impact of the 2012 JOBS Act on real estate syndications and how it allowed for public solicitation from investors starting in 2013. Chris discusses the challenges posed by newer entrants in the industry who often relied on aggressive proformas and immediate distributions to attract capital, putting pressure on established firms like Caliber.

We then shift to the current state of the commercial real estate market, with prices down 21.5% peak to trough. Chris talks about the opportunities this presents for buying distressed assets at deep discounts and for adapting them, in some cases, to new uses. He also shares Caliber's strategy of focusing on harder asset classes and complex strategies to generate consistent returns in various market conditions.

And, as every guest loves to do (not!) I ask Chris for some predictions about the future of the real estate private equity industry, including the increasing role of technology, the moderation of fees, and the potential for more regulation. He believes that the industry is set for consolidation, with investors gravitating towards best-in-class partners for long-term relationships.

This episode offers valuable insights for anyone interested in the evolution of real estate private equity, the current state of the commercial real estate market, and the future of the industry. Chris Loeffler's unique perspective as the CEO of a publicly-traded private equity firm makes this a must-listen for investors and industry professionals alike.

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