Laura Ericson, International Trip Planner

Living the Dream Life 


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Laura Ericson, Laura Ericson Group Trips

Laura Ericson, my podcast guest today, used to be the power behind the thrown of GowerCrowd, helping me manage just about everything we did. But Laura had a dream and her dream was to be her own boss and to travel the world for a living. So one day, she jumped ship and went full time to build her group travel business so she could live the life she wanted; make a living travelling the world, and being in charge of her own fate while doing what she loved the most.

Today's conversation is a celebration of Laura's tenacity, dedication, and courage to pursue what she wants in life and as an example to all that taking a few risks, while uncomfortable at first, can change your life for the better. Check out this podcast for an inspirational journey that will transport you into the New Year with the confidence that, if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

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