222 Chuck Schreiber, CEO, Co-Founder KBS

NRE Forum Podcast #222: The World’s 11th Largest Office Building Owner Crowd Funding $1 billion

From a start investing in portfolios of distressed office buildings almost 30 years ago, KBS has grown to be one of the largest owners of office buildings in the world.  Understanding the needs of its tenants and the power of the crowd, KBS is making downtown office building investments accessible to every accredited investor.

Chuck Schreiber is a fifth generation Californian who grew up in Southern California. Loving mathematics he went to college to study finance and gravitated towards real estate and real estate investments because it was an investment opportunity where he saw opportunity to actively improve the performance of assets through their management rather than the passive activity of selecting stocks or other securities. He started his career in a brokerage company before forming a partnership with Don Koll, of Koll development, and Peter Bren in 1991 that was to be called KBS.


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