Joel Friedland, Co-Founder, Brit Properties

Finding a Safe Haven in Industrial Real Estate



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Joel Friedland, Co-Founder, Brit Properties

My podcast guest today, Joel Friedland co-founder of Brit Properties, is one of the country's leading experts on Class B and C industrial properties. Industrial real estate has consistently outperformed all other real estate asset classes and Joel's approach, which includes taking on very low levels of debt, have provided him and his investors with steady income over the years and through multiple real estate cycles, while protecting the downside from excessive risk.

Learn from Joel how he has built his substantial industrial real estate portfolio, why it has not yet been impacted by current market conditions, and how he preserves his investors' capital while keeping an eye on income and growth.

If you are looking for a safe haven during troubled economic times, Class B and C industrial real estate should be on your radar and Joel Friedland is the perfect person to explain the ins and outs.

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