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Integris - Transformative Investments Built on Integrity


Integris Real Estate Investments

Learn about Integris as Ben Matheson and Daniel Oschin discuss the story of this 30 year old company with over 1,000 full cycle deals and $27+ billion of total assets owned and managed.


Integris Real Estate Investments offers accredited investors the opportunity to directly invest in the transformation of underutilized, undervalued real estate into better-managed, attractive and valuable assets that have the potential for appreciation and profitability.

For nearly three decades, Integris Real Estate Investments’ executive team, through its affiliation with Shopoff Realty Investments and other related firms, has focused on opportunistic, value-add projects. Headquartered in Orange County, California, Integris uses a multi-disciplined approach that enables the firm to uncover opportunities that others miss. The firm primarily focuses on proactively generating appreciation through the repositioning of commercial, income-producing properties and the entitlement of land assets.


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