Andy Crebar, Co-founder & CEO, HoneyBricks

Using blockchain to change the way investors invest in commercial real estate


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Andy Crebar, HoneyBricks' Co-Founder & CEO

There are some significant benefits of using blockchain for a real estate crowdfunding platform, and Andy Crebar has cracked the code with his site, HoneyBricks. Primary benefits to investors is a considerably simplified investment process and, in the medium to long run, the ability to transfer shares in private equity real estate deals to other people, seamlessly.

You are going to learn two things in today's podcast. One, that I know naff all about blockchain technology (which is good if you too are a neophyte as Andy answers all my 'dumb' questions), and two, well, you're going to learn a LOT about the blockchain technology and how it can be used in commercial real estate.  It's a fascinating episode and one not to be missed if you want to see into the future of real estate crowdfunding.

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