DEAL TIME! Antelope Almond Orchard

Sponsor: FarmTogether


Sometimes Sponsors Choose to Walk Away from a Deal


After careful consideration, FarmTogether has decided to close escrow and cancel the Antelope Almond Orchard offering. Although they were initially enthusiastic about Antelope -- a $7.9M deal with a target net IRR of 10.0% and a target net average cash yield of 8.6% -- additional information became available during their confirmatory due diligence process, and the property no longer meets their standards.

This was a tough decision, but they are overwhelmed by the positive feedback and support they've received from investors who previously committed to Antelope. Their utmost priority is to select the very best properties available for investors, and they will never waiver on that high standard.

Generally speaking, confirmatory diligence does not typically result in a cancellation; of the nearly two dozen deals they have done to date, this is the first to be canceled.

But this is exactly why they do their due diligence.

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