DEAL TIME! 8-10 Wright Street*

Sponsor: Dan Drew, Founder & CEO, Eastview Capital

Listen To or Watch the 8-10 Wright Street Deal Pitch Here



Sponsor: Eastview Capital

Deal name: 8-10 Wright Street, Westport Connecticut

Asset Class: Class "A" Office

Investment type: JV Equity

Target IRR: 12% Aggregate

Current cash yield: 7%

Target hold period: 6 years

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* [From the sponsor] Investments in private placements are highly speculative and involve a high degree of risk, including the potential loss of all or part of an investment. Investors should carefully consider all risks and consult with a personal legal, tax, and financial advisor about an investment. Risks include changes in capital markets and the economy, inflation, and the availability and cost of credit, among many others. These are illiquid investments - due to a variety of restrictions of transferability, including restrictions imposed by federal securities laws, an investor may be required to retain an investment indefinitely. Offering materials may contain forward-looking statements, which should not be regarded as a representation or guarantee by the Issuer or any other person that the objective will be achieved.

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