DEAL TIME! The Integris DLV Opportunity Zone Fund - Viva Las Vegas!

Sponsor:  Integris

Learn about Integris's DLV Opportunity Zone Fund investment opportunity


Sponsor: Integris

Deal Name: DLV Opportunity Zone Fund

Type: Equity

Asset Class: Hospitality

Investment type: Ground up, QOZ

Offering Size: $500MM total deal size - $25MM equity

Minimum Investment: $100,000

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More information about the Integris DLV Opportunity Zone Fund


Executive Summary

Integris Real Estate Investments offers accredited investors the opportunity to directly invest in the transformation of underutilized, undervalued real estate into better-managed, attractive and valuable assets that have the potential for appreciation and profitability.

For nearly three decades, Integris Real Estate Investments’ executive team, through its affiliation with Shopoff Realty Investments and other related firms, has focused on opportunistic, value-add projects. Headquartered in Orange County, California, Integris uses a multi-disciplined approach that enables the firm to uncover opportunities that others miss. The firm primarily focuses on proactively generating appreciation through the repositioning of commercial, income-producing properties and the entitlement of land assets.


Fund Details

The Integris DLV Opportunity Zone Fund seeks up to $25 million in investor capital for up to 14.5% ownership in the development and ownership of the Dream Las Vegas hotel and casino, located on a 5.25 acre site on the Las Vegas Strip.

Located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone (“QOZ”), the project will provide potentially advantageous tax benefits to investors. The Fund offers prospective investors an opportunity to defer and reduce capital gains for federal income tax purposes pursuant to an investment in a QOZ.

The partnership is expected to hold the project for 10 years to realize the full benefits of the QOZ, however, an early liquidation could result in a loss of QOZ benefits and/or additional tax consequences. The potential tax benefits related to this Fund are the federal income tax aspects, and state, local or other tax implications may vary.




About the Presenters

Ben Matheson, Director of Private Client Groups

Proven, successful Southeast Wholesaler with deep trust based relationships in the IBD and Hybrid BD space. Abundant experience and entrepreneurial spirit that has helped propel new sponsors in the space to class leaders in remarkably short time periods. Consistent top producer responsible for inordinately high percentage of capital raise time and time again.


Daniel Oschin - Chief Strategy Officer 

Daniel Oschin is Chief Strategy Officer of Integris Real Estate Investments. He is focused on cultivating the company’s platform of distinctive public and private programs, enhancing its brand and market presence, and broadening the visibility and impact of its added value, institutional co-investment model.