Davonne Reaves - Founder & CEO - Vesterr

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Davonne Reaves, Founder & CEO, Vesterr

Today's podcast guest, Davonne Reaves, Founder and CEO of Vesterr is a powerhouse of enthusiasm, professionalism, and ambition. Picking one of the toughest ways to enter the real estate crowdfunding world, Davonne has launched Vesterr in mid-2022 as a Regulation CF, Crowdfunding Portal and so finds herself under the ever present scrutiny of both the SEC and FINRA.

Her primary goal is to bring hotel investing to everyone, accredited and non-accredited alike and she does it with high energy and an effervescent sense of humor that just makes you want to learn more from her.

This is the last episode in Series 4 of the GowerCrowd podcast and, bringing music to the show as she does (check the bottom of the shownotes page at GowerCrowd.com to see what I mean), there is no better farewell to the series as we move towards Series 5 - The Real Estate Reality Show.

Stay tuned.

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