David Mandel, Managing Partner, Emerging Ventures

The intersection for investor relations between real estate crowdfunding and venture capital



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David Mandel, Emerging Ventures

I met David Mandel, this week's podcast guest, Managing Partner of Emerging Ventures, on LinkedIn when I saw a post of his calling for an Investor Relations partner. Well, for the most part, the GowerCrowd network is made up of Investor Relations pros and so I figured it would be interesting to meet David and find out what he was looking for.

Little did I realize how accomplished an investor he is, and how experienced in seed and angel investing and in today's podcast, you're going to learn just how closely related raising money for commercial real estate syndications is to the world of venture capital. Oh, and if he's not already found someone, at time of recording, David was looking for an Investor Relations partner so sharpen your resume and give him a call!

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