DEAL TIME! Catalyst Access Fund Investment Opportunity

Sponsor: CityVest

Learn about CityVest's Catalyst Access Fund investment opportunity


Sponsor: CityVest

Deal Name: Catalyst Access Fund

Type: Feeder fund with favorable terms

Asset Class: Multifamily

Investment type: Equity

Offering Size: $5 million feeder fund into a $20MM fund

Preferred return: 12%

Projected returns: 30%+ IRR

Minimum Investment: $25,000

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More information about CityVest's Catalyst Access Fund investment opportunity

Executive Summary

CITYVEST is an online investment platform providing individual investors with unique access to institutional real estate private equity fund investments with enhanced investment terms.

It was founded with a mission to allow individual investors to invest in top performing institutional real estate private equity funds. For the first time ever, individuals can participate alongside the “one-percenters” in investing in top institutional real estate private equity fundsthrough CityVest unique Access Funds, which are available through its easy andsecure online investment platform at

Fund Details

The Access Fund is using a “feeder fund” structure to aggregate up to 100 investors at a minimum investment of $25,000 each.

Since the Access Fund will aggregate a several million dollar investment amount, the Access Fund has been able to negotiate to receive a 12% preferred return that is compounded annually, as compared to direct investors into Catalyst at the $100,000 minimum investment level who will only receive an 8% preferred return.


About the Presenter

 Alan Donenfeld, Founder

Alan Donenfeld is the founder of CityVest and oversees all investment, technology and administration of the company. Alan has 35 years of experience as a financial services entrepreneur having founded several investment and financing companies as well as investing in and advising on multi-hundred million dollar deals at several large investment banking firms. Most recently Alan was the founder and General Partner of Paragon Capital, a private investment fund focused on making structured debt and equity investments.