DEAL TIME! Bridge Finance Debt Fund Investment Opportunity

Sponsor: Kirkland Capital Group

Learn about Kirkland Capital Group's Bridge Finance Debt Fund investment opportunity


Sponsor: Kirkland Capital Group

Deal name: Kirkland Income Fund I LLC

Asset Class: Micro commercial loans - under $1 million with terms 3-12 months

Investment type: Equity

Offering size: $100 million

Projected returns: 8.5% to 9.5%

Minimum investment: $100,000

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More information about Kirkland Capital Group's Bridge Finance Debt Fund investment opportunity

Mission and Target

The Fund’s investment objective is generating consistent returns with a focus on capital preservation and income. We invest in debt obligations that allow the fund to deliver returns while mitigating risk.

The fund aims to deliver an opportunity to invest in “micro-balance” commercial real estate bridge financing that provides consistent returns through stable cash flows at lower risk levels to investors while offering a superior platform for select commercial real estate buyers to source funding.

We're looking for investors seeking capital preservation with current yield through a prudent risk/return strategy and low correlation to the public markets.

Investment Strategy

To ensure the delivery of our investment objective the funds
strategy is locating and investing in commercial real estate debt that:

• Services an underserved market of micro-balance
  commercial loans;
• Focusing on projects that have identified exit to reduced
  time to liquidity and default
• Sourced from experienced borrower networks
• Located in economically sound market geographies
• Meets strict process of due diligence and origination
• First Lien and has borrower guarantees
• Loans with a 3 to 12 months term
• Loans at 75% LTV or lower
• Verified exit strategy

About the Presenters

Chris Carsley, Chief Investment Officer & Managing Partner

Chris Carsley brings over 25 years of investment industry expertise specializing in corporate and venture finance, business valuation, business operations efficiency, regulatory compliance practices, securities research, portfolio management, arbitrage trading and hedging.

Prior to entering venture capital investments, Chris was responsible for the creation of the business risk and operational due diligence program as a senior member of the investment research and analysis team at Benchmark Plus Management.



Brock Freeman, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner

Brock Freeman is a Real Estate Investor and Advisor involved with startups and funds. He has developed leadership in diverse groups of people, building them into highly effective and innovative teams in both Asia and America across technology, finance, sales, and marketing. With a deep history of leveraging technology to improve business results, he believes technology should be used to enable and improve the performance of teams and relationships.